about PROSE

what is PROSE?

The Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence (PROSE) program was established as part of the new contract between the UFT, CSA and the DOE. The PROSE program enables schools who have a demonstrated record of effective school leadership, collaboration, and trust to implement innovative practices outside of existing rules. Administrators and teachers in 157 PROSE schools collaboratively engage in reflective conversations which surface practices and systems that improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness. These conversations also reveal practices that may need improvement to increase school metrics. In either case, these conversations make way for collaborative schools to engage in an application and voting process to modify the UFT contract and/or Chancellor's/State regulations. Upon a successful application and passing vote, schools can then leverage granted flexibilities to build upon current practices. Think of this process as a School Based Option with a higher voting threshold of 65%, a greater reach regarding contractual modifications, and a longer implementation period of five years.

The PROSE overview documents below provide more information regarding mission and metrics. The PROSE Periodicals provide more information regarding school flexibilities and implementation.

what is PROSE Pathways?

In addition to PROSE, there are PROSE Pathways schools. PROSE Pathways provides an avenue for schools who are not yet PROSE to learn from current PROSE schools in the areas of Models of Inter-Visitation, Increased Diversity, Distributed Leadership, Extended Learning Time and Flexible Class Sizes. These schools have an opportunity to benefit from training and supports provided by the panel as well as internal/external partners. Through this extended partnership, participants of PROSE Pathways have the advantage of creating robust applications that support "replication" of their areas of interest. Apply now, to become a PROSE Pathways school. To contact the DOE, CSA or UFT PROSE teams with further questions, please email PROSE@schools.nyc.gov or PROSE@uft.org respectively.

what has PROSE accomplished?

Going into the fifth and final year before contract re-negotiations, PROSE:

  • Establishes a community of schools committed to continuous innovation and improvement through targeted critical friend’s sessions.

  • Supports schools through the acquisition of requested flexibilities in PROSE applications.

  • Has provided schools with grant funding from the National Education Association (NEA) to assist in the planning and implementation of their Diversity, School Governance and PROSE plans.

  • Has a positive impact on staff collaboration and opportunities to try new ideas.

  • Affords schools the additional PROSE option in Advance, which has proven to be transformative in improving teacher development and practice.

  • Has received national recognition and awards from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Teacher-Powered Schools for successful school-union-central/district partnerships.

what does PROSE seek to improve?

Ultimately, we hope to improve teacher practice and student learning outcomes across the PROSE community and the system by supporting schools that have a history of collaborative engagement and practices in support of instructional improvement in identifying and implementing innovative changes; developing a culture of reflection and continuous improvement at all levels of the system; and creating structures that allow for the sharing of lessons learned and promising practices across the system.

how does my school become a PROSE school?

The application process for new PROSE schools is now closed. The application process will reopen in Winter 2019. You may find details about the application process, including the PROSE application presentation, application template and application rubric here.

PROSE overview documents

PROSE Presentation