2017-18 Calendar Workbook

The following guidelines should be considered by all schools prior to submitting their final school calendars proposals:

  • For programming, calendar, work schedule and C-6, provide the implementation specifics for the 2017-18 school year in a separate document (e.g., bell schedule, C-6 menu, etc.) similar to how you would do so in the SBO process. For proposed changes to the student calendar, please use the School Calendar Worksheet in the Calendar Workbook to represent your proposed school calendar. For changes that will impact teacher work days and student session times, please complete and submit the Weekly Time Calculator Worksheet in the same workbook for all students and for each group of teachers;
  • In cases where the changes will impact only a subset of teachers, indicate how the impacted teachers will be determined;
  • All calendar change requests will be subject to review and approval by the Calendar office. Accordingly, all requests must be submitted via the Calendar Change Request Application and must adhere to current Calendar Request Change policy.